Getting started

ShopBase enables you to create powerful e-commerce solutions for a variety of scenarios, including integrating your service into the ShopBase admin, build a ShopBase app & themes.

Welcome to the ShopBase partner program!

Please follow our instructions below to get started.

Apply to become a ShopBase Partner

By joining the ShopBase partner program, you can create a development store (unlimited free-trial access with test payment gateway only), so you can freely test your products.

You can register to become a ShopBase Partner by submitting this form, using the email you have just signed up for the regular store. We'll email you once your request is approved.

After being approved, you will have access to the Partner Dashboard and you can use your development store without submitting payment details. From your Partner Dashboard, you can manage the apps and themes that you build on ShopBase.

Build an app

Build apps for ShopBase merchants. See our ShopBase apps Getting Started guide to get up-and-running quickly and make your first calls to the API.

Build a theme

Build themes for ShopBase merchants. See our ShopBase themes Getting Started guide.

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