Public apps

A public ShopBase app can interact with the ShopBase API on behalf of multiple stores.

To authenticate with ShopBase using a public app, you'll need to generate the credentials from your Partner Dashboard and then use them to implement OAuth.

Generate credentials from your Partner Dashboard

You can create a public application from your Partner Dashboard.

To create an app:

  1. Once you are ShopBase's partner, and you own a store, you could see Manage public apps from your profile menu. Click Manage public apps to go to your Partner Dashboard.

  2. From your Partner Dashboard, click Apps > Create app.

  3. Provide an app name and URL where you will place authentication url of your app.

  4. Click Create app. You are directed to your app's overview page, where you can view the API key and API secret that you will need for OAuth.

Make authenticated requests

Public apps authenticate to ShopBase by providing the X-ShopBase-Access-Token header field in each HTTP request to the ShopBase API. This access token is obtained through an OAuth handshake. To learn more about how OAuth works, see OAuth.

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