Getting started building themes

This guide describes the basic steps for getting started to build a theme for ShopBase.

The first step in building a theme for ShopBase is to join the ShopBase Partner Program by creating a partner account.

After you create a partner account, check out the following tools and resources to help you get started:

Create a new theme from ShopBase Partner Admin


  1. Create a new empty Github repo (public or private) and remember its' url (eg:

  2. From your ShopBase Partner Admin, go to Public Themes.

  3. Click Create Theme

  4. Give your theme a name

  5. In the Theme details section, write your theme description and 2 thumbnails of Desktop and Mobile.

  6. In the Connect to repository section, enter the repository URL where you store your theme code.

  7. Hit Save.

Develop the theme in local environment


  1. Create a new theme repo on your local machine using our Theme CLI tool.

How submit your theme to Theme Store


  1. From theme detail page, click Create new version

  2. Enter the description of this version. For eg. Submit the first time

  3. Hit Save as draft or Submit for Review (Only Submit when you make sure your theme is fully tested and works)

  4. Select the store that you want to install the theme version to test.

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