App requirements

The following requirements are used at ShopBase to review all apps.

Prohibited and restricted app configurations

  1. Apps that act as a payment gateway, or apps that modify an existing payment gateway - Our Hosted Payment SDK will be designed to let payment processors integrate with the ShopBase checkout soon.

  2. Apps that are pieces of standalone software that need to be downloaded to a computer - The ShopBase App Store's distribution method is through the use of web applications. There currently isn't an infrastructure to distribute any other type of app safely and securely to our merchants.

  3. Apps that make little or no use of ShopBase's APIs - Apps submitting to the ShopBase App Store must make efficient use of ShopBase APIs in order to function. This is to make the merchant experience better by using direct shop data and mitigate user error.

  4. Apps that process payments outside of ShopBase's checkout - ShopBase can't guarantee the safety or security of an order that has been placed through an offsite or third party checkout.

  5. Multiple apps with overlapping functionality created by the same partner - If you want to list more than one app on the ShopBase App Store, then each app must be clearly different from other apps that you've already listed. In some cases, you can combine multiple apps into one.

  6. Apps that offer capital loans - These types of services are difficult to effectively monitor on an ongoing basis in a manner that ensures merchants are protected from unsound lending practices. In order to protect merchants from unintended risk, apps that lend capital to merchants are not able to be distributed through the ShopBase App Store.

App listing

The app listing is your calling card - it helps merchants find your app and understand how it can help them run their businesses. Your listing explains the features, user interface, and functionality of your app. Your listing should clearly communicate functionality and pricing so that merchants can quickly understand the benefits of your app.

Installation and setup

These requirements make sure that merchants can quickly set up and start using your app. The installation requirements describe the correct flows for authentication, app install charges, and any sign-up steps (if required). These requirements make sure that you provide merchants with the guidance they need when they start learning to use your app.

Functionality and quality

For your app to be successful, it should offer a consistent and positive experience for the merchants who use it. The following functionality and quality requirements apply to the core features of your app, such as its user interface, performance, and billing.

Security and merchant risk

Security is a critical part of any web-based business because online apps can be exposed or compromised in many different ways. Before you submit your app, you need to make sure that it's secure so that the merchants who use it won't be at risk.

Data and user privacy

Depending on the purpose of your app, it might need to manage and store customer data. Make sure that your app meets the current best practices (and in some cases, the legal requirements) that protect customer data and user privacy.


After you submit your app, you need to support the merchants who use it. There are different ways to do this, such as answering merchant inquiries promptly and publishing detailed help documentation, or providing instructive in-app context and support so that merchants can quickly get the help they need when they use your app.

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