How to submit an app to ShopBase App Store

Kindly make sure your app is fully tested and works before submitting it. The App Approval team will tests all apps before publishing them to the ShopBase App Store.

How to submit an app to ShopBase App Store

Prior to submitting your app, make sure that your emergency developer contact information is up to date in your Partner organization settings.

When you want to submit your app to be public on ShopBase App Store, in App detail page, click the Submit App Store listing button.

n the App listing submission page, please follow the instruction to fill in the needed information.

You can save without submitting by click Save button on the bar appearing when you change something. When all things are set, click Submit listing button. Please note that after the submission, you can not change the information until we have made the decision of approving your app or not. When your app is approved, it will be shown on ShopBase App Store then your customers can install your app.

How to install an app and get an access token

Once your app is reviewed and published, it should be listed on App store page, and shop owner should be able to install that app to their store by clicking on Add App button.

After the user adds an app to their store, the following steps will be done:

  1. ShopBase will send a request to app URL with basic information like what shop is installing.

  2. App redirect user to https://<shop_domain> and following parameters are required

    1. client_id (API Key)

    2. scope: list of available scopes, separated by comma

    3. redirect_uri: must be one of the whitelist uri list

  3. Shop owner will be asked for permission approval

  4. ShopBase processes and send back request to your redirect_uri with authorize code

  5. App send a POST request to https://<shop_domain> with payload including

    1. client_id

    2. client_secret

    3. Code

  6. ShopBase responds a JSON with 2 information

    1. access_token

    2. Scope

  7. App use that access token for accessing public admin APIs

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