How to submit a theme to ShopBase Theme Store

Kindly make sure your theme is fully tested and works before submitting it. The Theme Approval team will tests all themes before publishing them to the ShopBase Theme Store.

When you want to submit your theme to be public on ShopBase Theme Store, in Theme version detail page, click Submit for Review button.

Statuses of a theme version:

  • Waiting for Review: When a new version is submitted & waiting for ShopBase to review. It usually takes 3 ~ 5 business days to review your submission.

  • Submission Canceled: When theme developer click Cancel submission. After Submitting for Review, the theme developer can cancel the request to continue editing and resubmit any time later on.

  • Submission Rejected: When the submission is rejected by the reviewer. You can edit, update your code and resubmit to solve all the problems we listed. The rejection reasons will be sent to your email.

  • Pending Developer Released: When the build is successfully & ready to release to store

  • Release Canceled: When the developer cancels the version from Pending Developer Release status. Then, the developer can edit and resubmit later.

  • Released to Theme Store: When the theme is released to the store. Merchants can add the theme to their store and use it.

You can create only one version at a moment. It means that you cannot create a theme version when there is a previous version that has not been approved.

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