Get a country field using Admin API

This guide explains how to use the Admin API to return a country field collected during checkout.

Access scopes

To use the Admin API to access the information collected in the checkout, your app needs to request the read_order access scope for a ShopBase store. For more information on requesting access scopes when your app is installed, see API Access Scopes

Collect a country field on the checkout

For this tutorial, you'll set the address of your shop to Brazil (since Brazilian merchants are required to collect a tax ID for government invoicing) and then complete checkout from your storefront:

  1. Set the address of your shop to Brazil. Remember to change your address back when you've completed the tutorial.

  1. From your storefront, add a product to your cart and then complete a checkout.

  2. Complete the checkout.

Get the country field for an order

To get the client country code, use the ShopBase Admin API to retrieve the order.




Additional information

For additional information on editing orders, refer to the Admin API reference.

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