Testing your app

Before you submit your app for review, you need to test it on a development store to check for any bugs or errors

Best practices for testing your app

When testing your app, think about what it might look like through the eyes of ShopBase merchants of varying skill levels. You should make sure you have accounted for any issues that might occur when a merchant installs your app in their store. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when you test your app:

  • Make sure that the installation process is easy to understand and execute

  • Make sure that your app can appropriately handle issues like 404s, unexpected inputs, and heavy user traffic.

  • If your app interacts with or adds something to a merchant’s online store, then test your app with several different ShopBase-made themes.

  • After you’ve installed your app on a development store, make sure you can uninstall and reinstall that app on the same shop.

Installing an app on a development store

When a merchant installs your app, it must first authenticate with the merchant’s shop using OAuth. You can test this by installing your app on a development store. If you don’t have a development store, then you can create one in the partner dashboard.

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